Dont date escorts

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Dont date escorts

Could you imagine dating an escort – Someone who you once paid for their services? Well, some clients and escorts get a little too attached and try to make a go of it, by actually dating and people together. However, it really does never last long. Sadly, pretty woman is only a fantasy film and not reality. 

There are many reasons, that no matter how tempted you get, you should never date an escort. For both you and / or her, it will only end in tears of regret. 

Firstly, and most importantly, there is NO trust on their side on the fence. An escort is a girl who sleeps with men for money at the end of the day and clearly will sleep with someone who she doesn’t even find attractive. 

What happened to all of her previous clients? You might be asking yourself. Plus, what happens if she is out with her friends for a night and someone comes on to her? Does she even find me attractive or is she only with me for money or something? Or, just the simple fact that her previous work might be too much for you to handle in the long run, so you cannot respect her in any way. 

Plus, you used to book with women just like her. Even if she had stopped her old life and she moved on from that with you, look at what she might be thinking from her perspective. Is he still booking with escorts? What if he still sees me as one – His own private whore? 

You are both sure to have these things going around in your minds and be unable to one hundred percent trust each other. Ultimately rendering the entire relationship a total disaster, it might start out fine, but sooner or later, you will have to face reality there will be no church bells and wedding dresses. These are not the right circumstances to meet your partner in any way.