Escorts are secret man haters.

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Escorts are secret man haters.

Of course, they will treat you wonderfully, but underneath it all. It is their hatred for men and belief that men are inferior to them, that allows them to do the job they do. 

They simply use men for a paycheck, for reasons that are their own. But yes, all that equate to them being secret man haters and not having any respect for the male gender, whatsoever – In a way that actually means they have no respect for themselves either, as they are happy to sleep with men and justify it to themselves. 

Being a secret man hater means that the escorts feel empowered by having men come to them for sex. They feel superior to their clients, because men have chosen to pay and to be with them. They are getting the attention from the men and not the other way around – Or so it is in the minds of men hating escort girls. 

To them, their job is nothing but a power trip and a large amount of cash. Being paid to stroke their own egos is of course, one of the many reasons they are offering their services to you. I guess you could say they are smart, being paid instead of just going home with a lot of men for free every weekend after the club. But really, they are just a lowest of the low on society’s ladder. 

So, stroke their ego and let them be the secret man haters they love to be, because in reality, you will be the one, as a client, who really gets all the fun. Afterall, you are the one paying, so you get to call the shots and have all the fun within the appointment. Enjoy their delusion and use them for your own needs.