Why so few male escorts

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Why so few male escorts

Male escorts are indeed a thing, going by many names – gigolos, rent boys, companions etc. However, they are not as common as their female escort’s counterparts. This is because in theory, there is not enough demand for them, especially those who are straight and only want to be with women. 

What it actually is, is that women are not cultured to book men for their services like men do. It is more embarrassment that will make women choose to be alone instead of searching for a hot guy on the internet to pay for companionship. 

If we broke this stigma on women, there would be a demand for male escorts. However, at this moment in time, this is why there are not more male escorts arounds and furthermore, why gentlemen cannot look to this as a full time or extra revenue stream. 

Male escorts who offer their services to other men, for gay sexual encounters, but there are very few gentlemen out there who would do this, due to their default sexuality. You will not make a huge living out of this, but it would be a slightly larger one than what a straight male would make being an escort. 

There are not more male escorts, simply because of the way society has made it. Ladies feel too ashamed to make that call and make the male escort niche one that flourishes. 

Indeed, what women need to remember is that men do this job because they want to. There is no shame on their part, so the fact that it might be embarrassing, is all in your head. They are professionals and will make you forget about all your worries in a matter of moments. 

So, be sure to have a look around the internet and see who takes your fancy ladies!